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Open Source Energy Management

What would you say if I told you if that the code being developed to manage energy systems is free and open to legal alteration?  What if the work being done on the code was only being done because a need was found by a community?  You probably would be saying that sounds impossible.  You would be wrong.

Open Lynx, an open source community on the website, is setting out to create valuable software in energy management.  The project is being spearheaded by vice-president of business development for NovusEdge, Anno Scholten. It is from this project that a demo is occurring today at the Connectivity Week conference in Santa Clara, Calif. Scholten will show a smart meter reading service.  The system itself is being used by 26 commercial buildings by a company in Washington, D.C.  OpenLynx plans to launch the next version of the source code on June 22.  Remember that this is open source so even you can view the code, available here.

Peter Michalek, another programmer working on OpenLynx, stated that open source can bring down the costs of the energy management systems dramatically and can make them more advanced, because they will be built on already-established basics. The reasoning is simple. The liberal licensing agreement. The most important element is that a developer can do anything s/he wants with it, but has to publish the benefits created back into the system.

There really is a wealth of benefits to open-source development.  For one, it keeps development costs low.  All work being done on the code is for free by users of the software.  Thus, many people may work on a single issue at no cost for a relatively quick resolution.  Also, innovation in the software comes directly from users, creating a dynamic relationship between client and developers.  One divisive benefit is that open source reduces the total cost of ownership.  Though this is true because no one owns the code, it also means the venture is not profit driven.  So, if you are looking to make a fortune don't use open-source.

This disruptive new method of development, feared by many energy management software companies, may prove to be the best and cheapest way to manage all the new technologies being developed today.


Monitors, Devices and Control Systems

Since we last posted the market for monitors, devices and control systems has exploded.

At the top of our List of Home Energy Monitors & Displays is the Open Energy Monitor project. We do encourage you to take a look. They have made real progress, have a working system, sample code, and documentation.

But the list of Energy Saving Devices is growing as the retailers step into the game.

And selling mostly through the utilitiess are the Home Energy Control Systems which are where it all comes together.

What I would like to see is the open source initiatives being able to co-exist with the commercial systems, so we can start to demonstrate the power of open standards and interoperability!

Open Source Energy Solutions

In my opinion open source is one of the key factors that will eable energy savings projects to get into action.

We need a shift in attitude, and open source is a proven way for initiatives to gather momentum, equipped with solutions, motivated by people who want change.

We encourage you to visit to see the open source information and solutions for energy saving in the use of computers, home office and business.

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