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Massachuesetts Solar Energy Incentives

Massachusetts rocks when it comes to solar incentives and rebate programs! The Green Communities Act of 2007 encouraged residents and businesses to invest in energy-saving technologies and reduce energy consumption through a number of generous rebates. The bill has had widespread support from government officials, the business community, and environmental groups.

  • Personal tax credit: 15% of total cost up to $1,000. Not as generous as some other states, but when combined with the federal tax credit and the other incentives in the state, it really adds up.

  • Renewable Energy Certificate: Your utility will provide you with a credit for every kilowatt of energy you produce from your solar system and will reimburse you once a year. It works out to about 3¢ per kW.

  • The Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program: This one is super confusing. The amount you receive varies based on your income, your home value, and whether or not the solar panels were manufactured in Massachusetts. The cap is $20,000 or up to your 5kW system (whichever is less). It ranges from $1 to $2.65 per watt.

  • And don't forget the 30% federal solar tax rebate!!

Don't sweat the details right now – your installer should help you out with all of the paperwork. They should also include information about how the programs will effect your out-of-pocket costs when they put together an estimate. (Check out tips for choosing a solar installer) Know that you will receive good financial support in your installation.

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