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Keen For Green Holiday Gift Guide

20 more shopping days 'til Christmas!   I’m sure there are many of you who barely started your shopping.  (Like me!) Stumped on what to get friends and family?  I’m here to help!  Here are some of my favorite green gift ideas:

eco-lovers tea cupFor the coffee lover:

  • Buy a membership for a coffee CSA.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving, too, because you can buy coffee for a year!  

For the tea lover:  

For the soda drinker:

For young kids:

For expectant mothers:

  •  Some of the most helpful gifts I got when I was pregnant were cloth diapers.  They're expensive upfront, although they save you money in the long run, so it was nice to have some of my friends contribute to my stash before I even had to buy any.  I love Rump-a-rooz the best, but there are lots of excellent brands.   If you’re not sure what kinds of diapers they want, a gift certificate is a good option.  I love Thanks Mama and they have other great products, too, not just cloth diapers.  
  • A gift basket filled with eco-friendly baby goodies.  Some ideas:  bamboo washcloths or burp cloths, lotion, glass baby bottles, reusable nursing pads, etc.  


  • Keen For Green merchandise!  Did you know that you can buy Keen For Green tote bags, mugs, and more?  Check out the Keen For Green Zazzle store.



An earlier version was posted on Keen For Green on Dec. 15, 2011