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Hybrids Popping Up Everywhere

The population of hybrids on the road is steadily increasing every day.  As more and more companies realize the change in consumers habits and preferences, more and more varied type of cars are becoming eco-friendly.  In this past week, both BMW and Toyota have introduced two new type of hybrids for the consumers.  Oh, watch that market grow.

From Toyota is a brand new sports car. The car would utilize Toyota's 3.5-liter V-6 along with its Synergy hybrid system to put down 400 horsepower.  It will be based on earlier re-imagining of the Supra and is scheduled for release in 2011.

BMW Luxury Green

For BMW they have decided to update their existing 7 series with a hybrid alternative.  The car will have the 750i's twin turbo 4.4-liter V-8 and a small 20 horsepower electric motor. BMWBlog says the hybrid system reduces the V-8's fuel consumption by 15 percent. The 755ih will be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show.

These additions to the hybrid vehicle fleet nicely fill out options for users.  And sure do look pretty.