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How to Tell if Your Appliances are Actually Green

eco-friendly appliancesThe effects of human activity on the environment are real, and homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes greener without making dramatic lifestyle changes. By decreasing energy and water use, you can make a significant environmental impact. However, this doesn’t mean that your family doesn’t have to resort to sitting in the dark or hand-pumping water out of a well. By utilizing green appliances in the home, you can make a significant impact.

But what exactly are green appliances? These types of appliances use less electricity and water to run. As a result, your individual home needs are far less than someone who uses old appliances. Overtime, you will see dramatic differences between your family’s electricity and water consumption. Some of the best ways to tell this difference is on a yearly basis. For example, the amount of resources you use for the month of December this year will likely be less than that of last December when you used outdated appliances.

Not only do green appliances save natural resources, but you will also save a great deal of money. You will likely notice the difference right away. Feel free to add up the savings per month—you will likely come up with a sizeable number of money savings at the end of a 12-month period. These types of savings will also continue on through the years.

Some examples of common appliances to replace include:

Air conditioners






While many modern appliances are more energy efficient than those produced in the previous decade, not all appliances are the same. If you are on a mission to find green appliances, then you have to look for versions that are specifically made for that purpose. Many green appliances are more expensive due to the modern technologies utilized to make the safer. Still, you can’t rely on price alone to make this type of determination, as there are a lot of imposters on the market.

The best way to tell if an appliance is green is to look at the product specifications. For example, green appliances in the United States are deemed to be Energy Star qualified units. If a product is an Energy Star appliance, it will say so directly on the product tag, or even on directly on the system. If you still can’t obtain this information through literature or through a company contact, then the product is likely a green imposter.

A final consideration is the cleanliness and efficiency of green systems. Just like any unit, green appliances must be cleaned and maintained in order to function properly. For example, AC repair can help consumers diagnose and repair air conditioning problems so that the green systems continue to work properly. If you fail to maintain your appliances, they will eventually break down. This will cost you more money, as well as the environment because you will ultimately waste more materials than you should.


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