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House Clearance Tips – Go Green

house cleaning tipsWhen it comes to clearing your home out before a big move, many of us simply do not know where to begin. There are huge piles of items everywhere, not to mention furniture, white goods and other electronics. There are those drawers and cupboards we haven’t looked at in years and garages that are piled high with long forgotten things. Making a start is hard enough as we look to box up items that we think we will not need for a while. Our list will hopefully give you a little head start in your house clearance.

Donate to Charity

We all have lots of old clothes, videos, kitchen utensils amongst other things that we no longer use or need. But there are lots of charities around the country who are crying out for generous donations like these. When you are organising your belongings ahead of the big move, make a pile for charity donation and in this way you will not have to take a lot of items you no longer need with you. Not only that but you will get a great sense of satisfaction by helping those less fortunate than yourself by donating.


When sorting through your belongings, it is very likely that you will find things that you no longer want and not many other people would want either! Make a pile of things in advance that you can take to your local dump so you don’t have to go through all of the stress of relocating goods that you do not want or need. It is amazing how much clutter we can accumulate over the years, so making a pile that is destined for the dump is very important. Once you have cleaned up thoroughly, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Label Everything

If you have a hundred boxes that you need to take with you, you’ll surely want to know what each box contains. Sort out your fragile items and put them all together, group items from one room in the same boxes, and be sure to clearly mark each box. Putting all of your bedroom items in a box is a good way of being able to sort them all out once you arrive at your new home. Also, it is a great idea to mark fragile items with a word that lets those who are carrying them know what’s inside.

Look Everywhere

Many people, in the hectic confusion of a house move, end up leaving items behind that they didn’t notice and pack. Be sure to give your home a ‘clean sweep’ before you move out and double check every nook and cranny. We often forget to pack things up as they have become such a part of our lives that we simply don’t notice them being there. Keep your eyes peeled and ensure that all of your belongings are packed up and ready to go ahead of time if at all possible.

Sort out Storage

If your new home simply doesn’t have the room for all of your items, or you don’t want to move everything in all at once, hire out a storage unit. Storage units can be very cheap to rent and can provide you with all of the time and space that you need during the removals process. If you can’t bear to throw valuable or bulky items of furniture away, or sell them, then you should definitely consider hiring out a storage unit. Many of them are very easy to access and could give you a lot of much needed breathing room.


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