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Homemade Green Cleaning Tips

Green cleaningHomes need regular cleaning, maintenance and attention to look good, however the tasks involved can sometimes be too much. Despite that however we are too much conditioned to use commercial cleaning products which indeed get the job done, but often contain hazardous chemicals. The following article aims to give you some insight into possible solutions and alternatives to these with some easy to make at home cleaning products. We start with the subject of:


  • Cleaning Glass Surfaces

The first thing you have to keep in mind are the window cleaners using ammonia. You really don't want to have those around your home so you can do better than that by getting two simple ingredients in combination. Just get some lemon juice and mix it up with about a liter (half a galon) of water and use that mix to wipe your windows clean. You can also use some good rags or even a cotton t-shirt to dry them off so you won't have to throw away newspapers and other disposable cleaning materials.


  • Cleaning Vinyl

Whenever you experience and spots on a vinyl floor or any area where it is present, you can do some cleaning by removing the stains with lemon juice. Simply rub the spot and get it done with ease.


  • Polishing Furniture

One of the greatest flaws of modern and older polishing methods is that they use some pretty unpleasant petroleum distillates, which are more or less toxic to us as a species. We also know how much they smell too, so we can actually do better than that by moving on to other solutions for our polishing needs. The cleaner we are talking about is actually a simple solution of olive oil and lemon juice that works wonders when it comes to these tasks. It will not only polish your furniture, but it will also be completely safe and easy to use as well. You don't need to worry about a thing with it as it will never smell as bad as a typical petroleum-based polish.


  • Removing Odors

Regardless of whether you are dealing with indoor painting or you had a pet accident or spilled some food, the unpleasant smells of such things can stay inside a home for a long time indeed. We often try to mask them, wash away and clean the surfaces where they happened and more, however in many cases the solutions to these problems are very simple and they literally lie within our very kitchens. For example putting up some vinegar dishes can neutralize the smells of paint and sprinkling baking soda on the carpets or other surfaces where the smells permeate can also neutralize them after some time. Just remember to remove both when you are done with the whole project or cleaning task.


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