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Green Home Organizing Tips

Green organization is a way of improving and ordering your home through the use of organic or natural materials. It consists of replacing toxic chemicals, hazardous dyes and non-natural materials we use in our home as decoration and more. Its goal is to promote a better, cleaner home which keeps our environment clean as well as healthy. 

You can stick to three major principles when it comes to green home organizing. Eco-friendly techniques include the reusing, recycling and reducing of all you can work with. Keeping these in mind can greatly help you in making your home safer and better. Staying true to these three principles allows you to lessen your impact on nature, being responsible for your energy waste and habits. 

Here are some ways you can turn your home into a greener area: 

  • Use more biodegradable products around your home. For example, you can use products using recycled packaging with no plastics.
  • Use natural products to make DIY items to replace your old ones. Much of the products created by the modern industry use toxic chemicals in their making, thus polluting the environment. Reuse your old furniture and items when you move instead of buying new ones. Stick to saving, repairing and not replacing if that is possible.
  • Cleaning and recycling of our old possessions on a semi-regular basis is a good way to keep things organized.
  • Donate useless items instead of throwing them away. There are many charities and public institutions capable of using those to help people down on their luck.
  • Find alternate ways to reuse your old belongings instead of buying new ones. This can be done easily if you trust your creativity.
  • Buy items made of natural materials. Replace your metal, plastic and other artificial decorations and furniture with those made of wood, rattan and natural materials.
  • Teach you kids to be more aware of the natural world and the ways they can help our environment. Have them help you in the organizing and improvement of your home.
  • Dispose of any toxins present in your household by doing so in a safe way.


There are plenty of products you can use to make your home more interesting, but the natural elements are the ones that truly make us feel one with the world around us. A simple tree stump can be used as a chair for example, much like it is in mountain cabins. Depending on your place of residence you may not have access to any cast-off wooden materials, but you can do your best to find such pieces and give them a new life. You can use an old drawer for placing pots of seedlings for example. Old blankets, clothes and so on can be turned into slipcovers, bags and even new blankets. It was done during the Great Depression, so its hardly anything new. You can do a lot with household items otherwise ignored by most people. With a bit of work you can transform most of these items into something useful.


Read more tips and tricks, shared by Grace. She is an expert in the field of eco living and organizing. Currently, she writes for Streatham Moving Company.