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Google v. Microsoft Over Energy

A war is brewing between Google and Microsoft and no it isn't anything to do with applications, music or social networking.  No, this is the newwest frontier, clean technology.  Both of these huge companies are trying to develop new software for reading energy usage.

For example, recently San Diego Gas & Electric and Itron, smart power meter maker, publicly stated that they were working with Google to utilize its' new PowerMeter ToolBut according to SmartGridToday, Itron and SDG&E have also been working with Microsoft on web-based energy data tools.

The reason this is so interesting is not because of the competitive nature of the applications, but the difference in marketing for both companies.  Google is obviously much more advanced in their PowerMeter program, recently releasing a beta version.  Yet, many utilities may be wary of working with Google because of its' self-professed ideology of envrionmental reform.  Microsoft on the other hand has long had a belief not to get involved in political issues and just bring the technology to the masses.  Some utilities wishing to only make profit on the meters and not really diversify may see Microsoft as a better fit.  Also, we must consider that some companies will want to work with Google for "green" promotion and high visibility associated with.  Only time will tell whether Google or Microsoft will corner this new market, but it is evident Google has a head start.