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Go Green with Plants

Today we have a guest blog post from David Hicks, co-president of Homevestors, discussing a way to make your home more appealing to green homebuyers.  


For years, people have claimed that plants were good for us. Plants can help us be greener as well and not just because they are green! When you are selling your home, you want it to be as green as possible.  Here are a few small ideas to help your home become greener and make a big impact on the earth.

Add a Little O

Ever walked into a place and felt like you were stifling or walked into one and felt at peace and relaxed? If so, you have felt the effects of plants in a space. Plants naturally make you feel calmer and more relaxed. They also clean the air of carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the area. Incorporate this feeling whenever you sell your home by growing herbs, salad greens, and other plants in the kitchen, the bath, or anywhere around your home. Edible plants are easy to grow, make a great addition to your dinner plate, and make your house self-sustaining.

Space ‘Em Out

We all know the difference space can make visually, but plant spacing can also have a big difference on the greenness of your home. When planting outdoors, leave a one foot space between your outer wall and the plants. This space helps insulate your home throughout the year. It blocks wind and creates a cushion of air around the exterior. This space stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In your garden, we are used to planting rows of plants for better organization. Your garden space can be better used by planting small groups of plants. Some plants repel insects better than others. By clumping or grouping your plants, you can keep insects off of your tastier ones.

Send some Shade

We all know how great the shade feels on a really sunny day. Shade cools us and blocks the sun’s rays. Keeping your home and heating & cooling unit shaded can block extra bright rays from hitting them. This decreases how hard your heating & cooling system has to work by lowering the temperature of your unit and your home. These lower temperatures are sure to decrease your energy bill, and this will be attractive to buyers when you sell your home.

It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, plants can help us all. Whether it is through shade, spacing, or a little extra oxygen, make your home a little greener with plants. You are sure to sell your home fast.

For more ideas on how to make your home greener or to help you sell your home fast, look us up at If you don’t have the time or money to make your home greener, remember we buy homes in all conditions, and we would love to buy yours.