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Endangered Species Wednesday: Brown Bears

endangered brown bearThese cute (but not so cuddly) bears are also called Kodiaks, grizzlies, and Russian brown bears.   According to The Great Bear Foundation, most brown bears today only thrive in protected habitats.  

Did you know? 

Bears are the only mammals that do not pee or poop the entire time they are in hibernation! Doctors study the way bears recycle their pee to help human patients with kidney failure.

Why are Brown Bears endangered? 

Humans often kill Brown Bears out of fear.  They are also sometimes killed for fur trade and food.

Humans and Brown Bears:

If you've ever been to a place like Yosemite, you know that you need to keep your food and garbage locked up to keep bears from eating it.   It's a big problem when bears develop a taste for food scraps, because sometimes they will relocate the bears or even kill them if they continue to be a problem.  When in areas with brown bears, keep your food and garbage safe and leave the bears alone!

How many Brown Bears are there today?

In America, as many as 60,000 brown bears once occupied the lower 48 states. Now there are less than 1200 brown bears in protected parks and wilderness areas within the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  In Alberta, Canada, the number went from 6000 to 750.   

How can I help? 

Donate to the Great Bear Foundation.  

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