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Electronic Recycling Superguide

The folks of GoodCleanTech have put together an invaluable resource for those interested in handling electronic waste properly.  The Electronics Recycling Superguide provides a plethora of options for dealing with our old TVs, computers, peripherals, audio equipment, and phones.  This consumer waste makes up almost 2 percent of the municipal solid waste stream.  Many of the toxins that come from these electronics are harmful to humans and wildlife and toxic in soil and waterways.  That is why this guide is so amazing.

For one thing it gives the consumer options.  According to GoodCleanTech, "You can recycle through a product's manufacturer, your local electronics store, or an online trade-in program that offers a cash reward or gift card.  But with so many choices, how do you know the best way to approach recycling your outdated tech?"  Well, simply put, this guide is the answer.

GoodCleanTech put together a list of major manufacturers, retailers and recycling websites in one place on the internet.  Here you can find out if there is any rebates, fees, locations of pick-up or whether you may e-mail your waste to them.  Have a good time properly disposing of your old computer.