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Dick Van Dyke: Texting for Tigers

A message from Dick Van Dyke and the WWF:

dick van dyke wwf tigersGotta love Dick Van Dyke.  From "The Dick Van Dyke Show" to Mary Poppins to those fire PSAs, he's one of my favs.  However, most recently, he's been working on a campaign to help tigers.

All you have to do is text TIGERS to 20222 from your cell phone.  It will donate $10.  (It will either be billed to your cell bill or deducted from a prepaid plan) The WWF will use the money to focus on anti-poaching efforts, building political will in countries with tigers, protecting and connecting tiger habitats, and clamping down on tiger trade. 

By the way, we're in the Year of the Tiger right now.  So, support the tigers in the Year of the Tiger.  It's only $10, and hey, Dick Van Dyke told you to!

More info here from WWF.