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The Daily Greening


Welcome everyone to a new daily feature being introduced by the folks at   The Daily Greening will be a simple daily tip provided to help ordinary people make a small change to live a more sustainable life.  These fun, convenient and thrifty tips will help heal the planet and give you a chance to be part of the solution.  So join us for these daily words of wisdom and make sure to send us your tips to be included.  Thank you and see you soon.

The Daily Greening:

A Brick In Your Basin - June 16th, 2009

Turn Off the Water While You Brush - June 17th, 2009

Keep That Soap Out of the Shower - June 18th, 2009


I think this is a great

I think this is a great idea!!  Looking forward to participating!!!

Sean Fitzpatrick is a burgeoning green entrepreneur and journalist with a juris doctor from Santa Clara University, School of Law. Currently, he is business development and community manger of

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