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Connecticut Solar Rebate Incentive Programs

In addition to states such as California, Hawai'i, and Massachusetts, the beautiful state of Connectictu offers some pretty awesome incentives for installing PV solar to you power your home. This is a summary of the multiple programs in the state – when combined the out-of-pocket cost becomes pretty reasonable. (And usually within about 5-7 years the system pays for itself, leaving you with about 20 years of low-cost/free electricity) 

  • The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) Solar Rebate:

    • This program rebates you $1.75 per watt for the first 5kW's solar system you instal (so, $1,750 rebate per kW; the average system for a 4 bedroom home is 3-5kW).

    • If you install more than 5KW of panelling, you will be reimbursed at the rate of $1.25 for the remaining kW up to 10kW. (After 10 your on your own...)

    • Funding for this program comes from a small surcharge on all residents' monthly energy bills.

    • Your contractor will apply for the program on your behalf. You must be approved before you begin the installation process, as there is a limited pool of money (although, thus far, the pot has been full enough to assist almost all applicants).

    • The CCEF also offers incentives for installing Solar Thermal Water Heaters, which varies based on the size of the system and the size of your home.

  • State Tax Incentive:

    • Your property taxes cannot go up as a result of installing a PV system.

    • There is no sales tax on PV equipment purchased (nice!).

  • Energy Net Metering

    • The two major utility companies in the state (CL&P and UI) are required to credit you for power created by your system which you don't use. Then, lets say on a cloudy/rainy day you require energy from the utility, these credits will be used to pay for your energy use.

  • Federal Tax Incentives

    • Don't forget to claim your federal tax rebate which allows you to deduct about to30% of the cost of your system installation – that can add up to big bucks!

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