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Concord, Massachusetts: the First U.S. Town to Ban Bottled Water

I'm not quite sure how I missed this tidbit of news, as it came out back in April.  

Concord, Massachusetts, home to Walden Pond and the original concord grapevine, has banned the sale of bottled water starting in 2011.  The measured will only allow the sale of refillable containers of water, which could still be sold and delivered in Concord.

The effort was lead by Jean Hill, an 80-something-year old activist.  She lobbied neighbors and officials on the serious environmental consequences of plastic bottles filling landfills and creating more pollution. 

The International Bottled Water Association released this statement about the ban.   I didn't even KNOW there was an International Bottled Water Association!  Their entire website made my blood boil.   Additionally, Joe Doss, president of the IBWA said:  "We obviously don’t think highly of the vote in Concord. Any efforts to discourage consumers from drinking water, whether tap water or bottled water, is not in the best interests of consumers. Bottled water is a very healthy, safe, convenient product that consumers use to stay hydrated." [source]  Oh, okay, Mr. Doss.  

When I was a kid, we drank from the faucet, we drank from water fountains at parks, schools, and libraries, and on a hot summer day, we'd drink straight from the hose.  We had reusable water bottles, cups, and Thermoses.  

While Concord is the first city to ban bottled water, it's not the first to take action against it.  San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Miami, Chicago, and Chapel Hill have banned government purchases of bottled water. Others Massachusetts towns including Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge, have all taken pledges to phase out the city's spending on bottled water.

Currently, town officials aren't sure they if have the power to enact the ban without state approval.  Further, some local officials are concerned the the ban may not be legal at all.  I'll be keeping an eye on this and hopefully posting a follow-up.  


Filtering Water Bottles

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