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Composting Pizza Boxes

Composting pizza boxesWe've written before about how pizza boxes are not recyclable.  

As John Pauline explained in The Rules of Recycling

"Due to the nature of paper’s specific recycling process putting used pizza boxes in can make the entire process pointless. This is because one of the worst possible contaminants in the paper recycling process is food.  Residual greases and oils are less of an issue for plastic, metal and glass, due to the heating technique which is part of their recycling process. Paper and cardboard products on the other hand are mixed with water and turned into slurry when recycled. Once oil or grease is introduced into this process it contaminates the water based slurry and floats to the top as it separates."

So, that might leave you should you dispose of a pizza box?  

Luckily, if you compost, it's easy!  You can just compost your pizza box!

Usually, you don't want to put too much grease in with your compost.  However, the small amount of residual grease on a pizza box shouldn't be a problem.  It will decompose just fine.  The only problem is that the smell could attract animals, so if that's a concern in your neighborhood you can bury the greasy part of the box nice and deep and rip the box into little pieces so that it breaks down faster.  

If there are some parts of the box that haven't been tainted by the grease, you can actually rip that part off the box, recycle that, and compost the rest.