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What to do with Compost if you Don't Garden

Put simply, composting is great.  It reduces landfill waste and it's great for your garden.  Joe Lamp'l of Growing a Greener World told us that "compost is the magic bullet for many things."  If you are a gardener, it is worth your time and money to invest in a compost bin. It's pretty easy and the benefits are clear. But...what if you don't garden? What should you do with your compost? If you don't garden but you'd like to make use of your food scraps, there are ways to make use of your compost!  

Lots of cities will collect compost, so check with your local utility. If yours does not,  Find A Composter is an excellent resource for finding a composting facility near you!  You can find a variety of composting facilities or farms that will take your compost.  It's free and works for zip codes in the U.S. and Canada.  

Meanwhile, you can get containers for your indoor compost.  You can use anything for a compost container but ones made specifically for compost come with filters that help control the stinkiness. If you're wondering WHAT to compost, check out our Beginners Guide to Composting to help you get started.  You'll be surprised by how much is compostable!