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A Car Company Made a Profit And It is Tesla!

Two major American auto companies are now essentially owned by the government.  All large foreign makers are posting huge losses across the board.  All is doom and gloom in the auto world.  Wait, I say, wait.  One wunderkind car company is turning a profit and the most exciting thing about this American company is that the vehicles it is selling are electric.  Yes, it is none one other than Tesla Motors, makers of the Tesla Roadster and soon to be Tesla Sedan.

According to data filed with the SEC, the company made a profit of approximately $1 million on revenue of $20 million for the month of July.  This is due to strong sales of the Tesla Roadster Sport, a battery deal with Daimler and improved efficiency at its Menlo Park Assembly Plant (a manufacturing miracle in California).

Great news for this green start-up, who was the proud recipient of $465 millions in government loans.  The sky is the limit for Tesla Motors.