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Building Energy Quotient Enters The Scene

Another metric for judging the energy efficient has been added to LEED and Energy Star, this one stemming from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. This new label will grade buildings based on a system that every school child knows and loves: the letter system. Yes, now buildings will have to go without TV if they are found to have a D- in energy efficiency.

Building Energy Quotient, Building EQ,

The letter ratings will range from A+ to F. An A+ is reserved for facilities that are net zero –- meaning they produce as much energy on site as they consume. An F is for those deemed “unsatisfactory.” Brr... I just got a chill remembering Pre Cal.

The voluntary program called Building Energy Quotient, or Building EQ, will include ratings for all building types excluding residential. It will be scheduled on a roll out basis and come into full, wide -spread effect next year. Each building will be rated on two distinctive metrics. One will be for the design of the building. The other will be for energy-use data from its operation. A smart idea since so many older buildings are being retrofitted with new green initiatives. Hopefully, this new metric of energy efficiency might be include in the Waxman-Markley bill making its way through Congress.