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A Brick in Your Basin

According to the EPA, up to 30 percent of all water used in the American home flows (pun intended) from our toilets.  This is a huge waste of drinkable water, a supply that is diminishing.  Most of us know that low flow toilets, toilets that use much less water to flush, are readily available to be purchased.  We also know that they work.  Typical toilets in the United States use between 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush.  A low flow toilet uses between 1 to 3 gallons per flush.  But, many are turned off by the expense (between $250-$500) of this new technology.  This uneasiness is only heightened by the economic crisis and worries about financial security.  So what then is someone concerned about the environment and the cost of water waste to do?




This is the low cost solution to saving water and it works through simple science.  The brick (or another solid object that won't contaminate the water) will fill an area in the tank with its mass.  Thus, less water is used because water is not needed to fill that area.  If you have a large tank, two or three bricks could possibly fit and allow for greater savings.  Try this trick out and start conserving today.

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using a brick can be a bad idea

See what the Utilities Services of Alaska has to say on the matter..

Toilet flushing uses a lot of water, and putting something in the toilet tank that takes up space means that less water will be used each time the tank refills after a flush, but putting a brick in your toilet tank is not a good idea. Bricks tend to crumble and might damage the toilet's flushing mechanism. Instead, use a glass jar, a plastic bag, or a jug filled with water. Because some toilets require a certain volume of water to work right, be sure to test the toilet to make sure it is still flushing well after any change.
Never use your toilet as a garbage can. Using several gallons of water to get rid of a tissue or a cigarette is very wasteful. Also remember that toilet tanks can leak. To check, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank, wait about 15 minutes, and look in the bowl. If the food coloring shows up there, the tank is leaking and should be fixed. Toilets should be checked for leaks twice a year.

That can work for some.  And

That can work for some.  And some of us just need a full tank.  Wink

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