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Annie's Pizza Trivia Answers and Winners

Congrats to Kelly Desilver, Suzanne, and Alexis Howell for winning coupons and merchandise from Annie's Homegrown!  

Here are the answers to the pizza trivia questions:

1.  Which pizza ingredient is 90% water?  Tomato.  

2.  Which month is National Pizza Month?  October.  

3.  What is America's favorite pizza topping?  a) pepperoni, b) sausage, or c) mushrooms.  a) pepperoni  

4.  True or false:  Cheese is the most popular flavor of frozen pizza in the United States.  False.  It's pepperoni.

5.  True or false:  Most Americans consume pizza once a month.    True. 93% of Americans consume pizza at lease once a month.  33% of Americans eat frozen pizza once every two weeks.  

Pizza trivia

6.  True or false:  The Superbowl is the most popular time of year to eat pizza.  True.  The number one day for pizza consumption is Superbowl Sunday, follwed by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  

7.  Organic wheat flour is used in Annie’s pizza crust. Does wheat grow…a) in the ground b) in a tree c) on a vine  a) in the ground

8.  Is the wheat plant an annual or perennial?  Annual

9.  True or False: Montana leads the country in wheat production.  False.  Kansas leads in wheat production.  

We hope you had fun with our pizza trivia game.  If you didn't win, you can still download a coupon for Annie's pizza!  Thanks for playing!  Stay tuned for an Earth Day giveaway next month.