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7 Powerfully Lesser Known Ways To Save Big From Recycling

We know recycling saves the world; but, did you know it also makes sense regarding savings? Sure, being mindful of used resources benefits the planet, but did you know that these could also help your savings?

Where there's Muck, there's Brass

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Consider a number of ways to help the planet and your savings.

1) Shower Is this a familiar scenario: You turn the shower on, walking away for minutes until it is the right temperature. Sure, we all do it. However, we can conserve better. Place a bucket underneath the shower head, collecting the water, later using it to water plants, mop the floor, and so on. You're saving water and money on the water bill.

2) Paper Towels Most people don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to buying common staples, such as paper towels. However, think about how many times you use a paper towel (maybe two of them) to dry your clean hands and then dispose. Why not reuse those paper towels…until they are actually 'used.' Again, you're conserving paper and saving cents, which add up to dollars, each time you do it.

3) Oven Eating out is costly. Eating at home conserves money. How can you better conserve energy and money while cooking at home? Leave your oven door open a crack after cooking dinner. The heat can be used to warm the house rather than being trapped in the oven until it cools down. Now your conservation ideas are warming up!

4) Beauty Coffee Cream Did you know a major ingredient in cellulite creams is caffeine? Transform used coffee grinds into cellulite creams and exfoliates. Otherwise, you're paying a lot for store-bought beauty items. Moreover, you're making the most of what you already have, which lies at the heart of conserving the world's resources, not just your household ones.

5) Cooking Oil Some continuously reuse cooking oil for cooking purposes. However, cities have agencies which pay for used oil. The oil is later used to heat homes and offices. Check Craigslist or other similar online forums, searching for places to contact about selling your used cooking oil.

6) Hair Did you know your hair is worth money to wig makers? Actually, depending on the length, shade, and condition, your hair could be worth a decent amount of money. Do a web search for "selling hair" and similar queries. You'll find places in your area as well as national sites, which pay people a decent cut for their locks.

7) Printing Paper Sheets of paper from a printer, like paper towels, are often wasted. Do you have to print everything? Alternatively, could you make a pdf of particular information, saving it on your computer? Moreover, how often do you use a corner of a piece of paper for writing, but carry around the entire page? It's a wasteful, unneeded action. Use scraps rather than entire pages. Every little action counts. Above, you've discovered new ways to save the planet as well as yourself a few cents. The process of conservation is powerful, but awareness is low. It's very easy to grab resources at hand and then discard them without thinking about the larger picture. Start changing the planet and your savings account today.


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